lundi 31 mars 2008

Worldwide video surveillance market to reach $46 billion in 2013

United States – The worldwide video surveillance market is experiencing strong growth, and is foreseen to reach from about $13.5 billion in total revenues in 2006 to $46 billion in 2013. Those figures include cameras, computers and storage, professional services, and hardware infrastructure: everything that goes into an end-to-end security system. According to ABI Research, the market being at a key inflection point—shifting from an analog-based industry to an entirely digital one drives this growth.

The widespread use of video surveillance in a variety of vertical markets such as retail, education, banking, transportation and corporate business has also contributed to the market’s growth. Added features, which do not necessarily address security issues, are also being developed. New facial recognition software that tracks a shopper’s eyeball movements as they view product displays, helps retail businesses to analyze shoppers’ behavior within the stores.


European video surveillance markets are more mature than those in North America. In the United Kingdom alone, 4.1 million surveillance cameras have already been installed. Massive deployments are also now taking place in North America and, in connection with the upcoming Olympics, in China.

But while digital technology offers advantages—higher resolution, easier searching and retrieval, and more efficient storage—many of the traditional security resellers of analog equipment are not yet comfortable with digital, and a massive retraining effort is going to be required.

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