jeudi 9 septembre 2010

Internet Eyes : A new Business Model for co-veillance

Have you noticed by the beginning of this month that UK firm "Internet Eyes" has eventually started its business ?
It offers ip camera owners who do not fear to be watched, a whole bunch of hungry viewers who are rewarded when they notice anything like a theft, a fraud or delictual activity.

That initiative starts the era of massively multi camera systems as the core of new security business models, extending the principle of neighbourhood co-veillance to large and anonymous redundant and systematic video alert detection. It enables IP cameras to become real security tools.
Nevertheless, this model strikes security industry habits, replacing remote surveillance professional operators with anybody registered as a viewer on the internet Eyes platform.
Interesting to follow up on that and see what's going to come out of it after a while.
As Internet Eyes has setup strict policies to filter out amateurism and abuse from its viewers population, I would not be surprised if it turned rapidly into a highly skilled distributed team adressing one of the hottest issues of the moment : turning cameras into a real crime prevention and reduction tool.

Do you think that model will make it through the market ?
have you spotted other competitive initiatives ?

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