mardi 15 juillet 2008

Keeneo secures second financing round for €1.6m

Une très bonne nouvelle dans le Landerneau de l'analyse vidéo et de la Vidéo Surveillance Intelligente : la jeune pousse Keeneo, issue de l'INRIA et basée à Sophia Antipolis, vient de réunir un second et décisif tour de table de 1,6 M€.

Voilà qui devrait lui donner les moyens d'accéder au marché de masse et à l'International où Keeneo a déjà conquis le Canada via le Quebec.

L'application des systèmes experts à l'analyse d'images est une solution prometteuse pour assister l'opérateur dans la gestion de systèmes massivement multi-caméras où il est impossible de fixer l'attention humaine en permanence sur chaque canal vidéo.

Actuellement il existe deux modalités essentielles de VSI, les Analytics sont embarqués souvent directement dans les encodeurs vidéo, à la source du signal et ont un rôle local plutôt assimilable à la détection rétinienne; à l'opposé, les systèmes centraux sont capables de gérer les informations de plusieurs caméras et de maintenir un contexte de raisonnement dans l'espace 3D et dans le temps qui les dote de capacités déductives et prévisionnelles intéressantes.

A suivre donc, avec attention et bon vent à Keeneo.


Sophia-Antipolis, 8 July 2008 - Keeneo, video analytics software publisher (security for critical infrastructure, people & vehicle flow management), today announced the completion of a financing round of €1.6m. This is Keeneo’s second financing round since inception, in addition to public funding attracted for its research and development activities (OSEO, PACA Regional financing). On this occasion, two UK investors join Keeneo’s existing shareholders and strengthen the international orientation of Keeneo’s development.

Keeneo is already listed among the top ten global players in its field by major international analysts (IMS Research, Frost & Sullivan). This new round will enable Keeneo to consolidate its leading position in France and to finance Keeneo’s sales and marketing development abroad in the strongly growing market for video analytics applications. Building on the success of its flagship product, SafeZone, video analytics software for automatic human outdoor intrusion detection, Keeneo will also continue to launch new, innovative products with high added value.

"The amount and source of this new financing round is a very encouraging confirmation of the relevance of our marketing and technology approach: our international outlook and strategic positioning on the market have convinced investors who have themselves successfully developed many companies with innovative marketing strategies," said Benoît Georis, CEO.

Thomas Herlin, VP Operations, adds: "Keeneo’s management team thank all the organisations and people who supported us, both on a regional level (OSEO, Paca) as well as nationally (Inria Transfert). Keeneo’s success continues to be based on its cohesive, open-minded team, offering products tailored to meet and exceed market expectations."

About Keeneo

Incepted in 2005 and with locations in Sophia-Antipolis, Paris and Montreal, Keeneo boasts an international team that combines expertise in computer vision, software engineering, sales and marketing. As an INRIA spin-off, Keeneo benefits from best of breed video analysis and artificial intelligence technologies. The products marketed by Keeneo are effective, modular, scalable, easy to use and install. They ensure intelligent reaction in any complex environment.
Keeneo supplies the virtual "brain" using the "eyes" which are the cameras of traditional video surveillance. This drastically improves video operators’ effectiveness in terms of monitoring and decision-making. Keeneo’s technology is based on groundbreaking innovation unmatched on the international market: Its 4D video analysis uses the 3D reconstruction of the scene observed by the camera and incorporates the time factor, thus giving the video analysis software the ability to perform a realistic, relevant and sharp reasoning.
Press contact: Thomas HERLIN, VP Operation - Ph: +33(0) 492 38 84 31- Mobile: + 33 (0) 650 69 98 25 -

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